OCZ is junk...

To the guy who recommended GSkill over OCZ Gold RAM... goodness were you right!

Just put together the following... AMD X6 1090T, WD500 Blk, Antec Sonota III Case, 60GB Agility 2 SSD, Win764, Lighton24x, GSkill 8GB RAM 2x4.

Had the OCZ RAM in there and was BSOD'ing all over the place... emails back & forth with tech support... change voltage to 1.65 and timing to 9-9-9-24... BSOD. Change something else... BSOD.

And the SSD was a PIA to work with as well.

Just let you guys know, if you're building your own system stay away from the OCZ Gold RAM unless you enjoy torturing yourself.




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  1. Oh, fyi... just threw in the GSkill's as a replacement... runs like a dream!
  2. I love my Agility 2, and my RAM. Bad things get past QC with every brand. I've had bad Gskill, bad OCZ, bad Crucial(lots), and bad Corsair.
  3. I encourage you to take a class in probability and statistics.

    All electronics suffer from "infant mortality".

    Just because ONE unit is defective does NOT mean
    that every other one in that same batch suffers
    from the same defect.

    For your statement to be true -- "OCZ is junk" --
    you would have needed to take a much larger sample --
    one with statistical significance -- AND that sample would
    also need to be statistically RANDOM.

    A sample of 1 is worthless, as far as any reliable inferences
    are concerned.

    Moreover, you have not ruled out other explanations,
    also known as "competing hypothesis".

    p.s. Don't feel bad: public schools are not teaching
    the real scientific method any longer.

    Cf. Charlotte Iserbyt:


  4. That's another way of putting it MF :)
  5. The OCZ gold sets had some issues a little while back, so it doesn't entirely surprise me that he had issues with that particular model.

    I really want a Vertex 2 or an OCZ SATA III drive to load my games in addition to my WD SSD boot drive :)
  6. So did the Crucial Ballistix. Those things we're dying like flies for me.

    I love my Agility. The Vertex is a bit faster, but the load times on any SSD are insane. I was about 1/2 second from pulling the trigger on the RevoDrive, that thing looks insane by the numbers, but $80 is $80.
  7. Yeah, I'm waiting for some drop in price (doubt it will be much for a while; maybe next Black Friday? ;)). My next SSD will probably be a 120GB or more.
  8. ahaha, I bought a 120 Gig G.skill phoenix SSD(was 190$ for black friday!)..
    Works like a doll, I load everything in 2 seconds.... I do however have a complaint, Google chrome opens TOOO fast for my liking, thinking of re-installing on meh storage drive... lol

    P.S. what should I use to bench my SSD?
  9. Quote:
    P.S. what should I use to bench my SSD?

    This. And only this really. Benchmarking by nature is bad for SSDs. I got mine for $210 right befoire Black Friday.
  10. +1. Don't bench it with benches designed for mechanical drives. All those writes and rewrites shorten lifespans.
  11. As a previous owner of a OCZ 8500 GT (handed down, still works 4 years and counting), current owner of the 9600 GT for 1 year and a 1/2, and previous owner of OCZ memory that still works as my backup RAM for 5 years, I say this: NEVER shop based on ONE experience you had.

    And of course not to say I'm brand loyal. I've been around computers since age 11, owned Corsair, Crucial, and some company I've never heard of's memory, all worked. Gotten graphics cards by ATI and NVIDIA, CPU's from Intel and AMD, motherboards from Gigabyte and Biostar, well you get the picture. Brand in my eyes is irrelevant. Its whatever is good at the time.
  12. On topic - Also have a preference for Ripjaw's, but not knocking Gskil either, too many are sold to be indicitive of a proplem with them.

    Off topic - I too bought the Gskill Pheonix Pro 120 gig SSD, it replaced my 80 Gig Intel G2 SSD. My comment deals with running a bench mark as some have pointed out NOT to run a benchmark. I agree you do not want to run repeatedly, But I would always run one after initial Install as it will point out a problem with installation/driver issues. I was pleased with mine, but when I ran a Benchmark (AS SSD) I discovered my performance to be low (Also windows WEI was @ 7.3, much lower than norm of 7.8). Re-installed windows and everyting is fine. - BUT with out verifing performance I would never known.
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