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Good Build??

sup guys, I'm still not sure about the build i want to do, do you think this build is good enough?? this is what i got so far:

Thx guys, any comment will be appreciated!!!!! one more thing, i still have some extra money i could put on this build, so if something is not that good u can suggest something a bit more expensive, but still I'm trying to save as much money i can
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    Looks good. I might change the case to one a bit higher quality with better air flow.

    And get some faster RAM. This stuff is crazy fast cas 6 DDR3 1600
  2. thx for quick answer, you think the mobo and everything else is okay??? i think i might change to the parts u recommended
  3. It looked good as is but that Antec 300 Illusion is one of my favorite cases and memory prices seem to keep dropping really fast for DDR3 so no reason not to go high end there. Glad I could help!
  4. If you like to spend more maybe go with this mobo

    and like the OP said the antec 300 case

    Nice build

    If your into OC maybe pick up a HSF
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