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i have a lanparty dk p45 t3rsb plus i want to put in corsair ram 2x4gig modules 1600 but i need to update the bios i want a place where i can download it for free with out going through driver scans and junk
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  1. For the bios update,
    Many pro user help me with this problem also.
    Very simple then i think,
    Please go to your main board web site.
    And search for your own main board driver and update.
    download your last bios patch.
    Then there are two options.
    One is update from DOS mode (most of all case)
    Newer board give us good option which is update bios from windows mode.
    Gigabyte has @BIOS tool and asus have AItool which you can upgrade from internet.
    Please go head having a little research on it but still you can not found it please give us detail of your main board brand and model number so some of pro user will found it for you.
    Most of all Tom's Hardware users are very smart and friendly.
    You will going to get a help soon~
    Good luck~
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