Help me pick out new cpu please:)

I just send my sabertooth p67 and 2500k back to newegg i cannot deal with it anymore. I know that everyone is going to tell me there the best blah blah blah. Lets move on

For around 300$ or less for a cpu intel what is a good choice?? Before the 2500k i have never really paided much attention to intel so what are the other good gaming cpus no 1155 socket please.
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  1. I5 760 LGA1156!
  2. rolli59 said:
    I5 760 LGA1156!

    btw nice car i have a 2010 charger ne way is that comparable to the 2500k
  3. In gaming... they are comparable to a point:

    You will find the i7 950 on the X58 platform to be the closure comparison:
  4. Is there any i5 or i7 that is better then the 2600k or 2500k ingeneral
  5. The i7 940 seems close but slower lol.
  6. Not at an acceptable price range. You look at the i7 980X, it competes with the 2600k, at three times the cost.
  7. What a joke im going back to amd piss on intel i never should have went to intel would have saved me this nightmare the 1100t be keeps close to the 2500k in my mind i dont overclock. closer then i5-i7 that cost to much
  8. You have a very valid argument that many feel the way you do, which is why AMD strives at the price to performance area (though the SB has put a hit into that market, if you get by the chipset issue, which seems most have to a point).
  9. The 2500k was awsome and rips amd a new arse but i am not willing to have another issue with 1155. I need to decide to go with the i5 760 or the amd 1100t, the i5 760 is a quad core right?
  10. Yes, it is a quad core
  11. is the 1156 reccomend over the 1366. I just dont want to have an issue this time i think any of the i5 or i7 or even amds are going to be enough for me lol.. I have a gtx 580 i just dont want it to bottleneck thats all i really care about.
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    I would recommend the LGA 1366 over the LGA 1156.

    It is the better platform and more proven platform outside of the LGA 775 for Intel. It gives you the option for 6-cores down the road (the i7 970 is now under $600 and seems to be dropping). It gives you better multiple card setups.. x16,x16, or x16,x8,x8, where for the most part with the LGA 1156, it is x8,x8. This is important specially when running multiple GTX 580's on multiple monitors... you won't see a bottleneck.
  13. Ok so we have one part solved i will go with 1366 the next question is the mobo lol. I prefer evga are there mobos good?
  14. I've been running the original EVGA X58 without issues. I'm a firm believer they are the best overall Intel boards, specially the Classified series. I have debated upgrading to the EVGA X58 FTW3 but at this time don't need SATA III or USB 3.0. My other choice would be the ASUS P6X58D-E.
  15. Hum. So is the i7 950 an ok cpu??
  16. Yes.. the i7 950 or i7 960 are good CPU's and even the i7 930 is a good CPU. I believe curr
  17. Will they all be good enough not to bottle neck 1 or 2 gtx 580s?
  18. I like both of these motherboards i am a bit confuzed why the evga only has a 1 year warrenty and the asus is 5 years. he asus has dual 16x slots to lol but atm i cannot afford another gtx 580


  19. You linked both EVGA boards...

    To answer your question on the 1 year.. it is because it is the TR model and they've changed their warranty structure at EVGA...
  20. I need to know if this ram is compatable in the sabertooth x58 mobo

    ram-gskill 2gb stick i have 4 of them
  21. I would go with the ASUS board myself over the EVGA X58 SLI3.

    You really want to look at triple channel memory for X58 boards, like this for example...

    Will your posted RAM work... most likely in dual-channel and not in the design triple-channel of the board. Is it a major performance hit or issue.. not really
  22. The asus has to many review saying issue with sound and haveing to rma alot.
  23. the evga x58 ftw looks good but i dont think my v10 cooler will fit on there.
  24. in all reality is a amd 6 core going to do just fine with a gtx 580 in what i do i just play bc2 some times i mean i feel like my build is 100% overkill for what i do i play alot of my games on the ps3
  25. Yes... As would the Phenom II X4 955 for that matter & add in the ASRock 870 Extreme 3 and the cost is about what you would pay for either CPU alone and not sacrifice too much in performance (if at all).
  26. Yeah i am having a hard time deciding what to get if i go the amd way i cant sli my gtx 580.... but then again will i every have enough cash or a real reason to sli it lol. I really dont know what to do i built the 2500k build to last for 2-4 years now that i wont go sb again i dont know what i need to do. Also if i need to work more overtime to make sure what i buy is not out dated i will. Is there any other cpus that are not 1155 that are going to still play most games well for the next 2-4 years? and i do not plan to upgrade my gtx 580 for some time..
  27. I have a week to think about it and at this rate i dont know what to do. I guess i will need to figure out what is the least likely to get outdated in 2-4 years
  28. Any of the CPU's / Sockets discussed will work two to four years. People are running Q6600's from what late 2008 and performing fine. The E8xxx dual-core chips are still gaming just fine. Any current gen (AM3 or Intel iX series) will last at least two years & more with at most a GPU upgrade, if needed... IMO.
  29. Yeah, I just dont know if for the price intel is better then amd if i was looking at the 1155 socket intel blows amd away but im not. So i have to figure out what to do. as of this moment i have a 790 mobo that is sli and a amd 640 but that will bottle neck a gtx 580 i guess. wish it wouldnt i would use my credit to buy another gtx 580 lol!
  30. Yeah... It isn't really designed to handle to GTX 580's :lol:
  31. Lol i never did try it i should for *** and giggles
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