Active display port doesnt work help

iv got a sapphire active display port with the intention of running 3 monitors from my 2 5870s. i cant get it to work it wont detect all 3 monitors in ccc any 2 will work but not 3 i assume its my fault any ideas??
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  1. How have you connected them all?
    Which cards are connected to what using what sort of connectors would be a lot more helpful
  2. also are your monitors all connected to the same card? eyefinity cannot be spread across multiple Gpu's
  3. all 3 are connected to 1 card 2 via the normal connectors they both work fine iv got the other connected to the display port using the sapphire active display port adaptor this is the 1 that doesnt do anything at all its as if it isnt plugged in iv checked and dbl checked it is plugged in correctly including the usb power lead.
    ps iv checked the monitor itself and thats fine
  4. anybody?
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