4770 no display when cold

for some reason, my 4770 wont display show anything in the screen when cold. when the PC is newly turned on, I must wait until windows before anything shows up. this happens too when I wake from sleep/standby.

However when I shutdown the computer right after using it, turning it back on will immediately everything on the screen. the bios, windows loading etc. Same thing happens when I put the computer to sleep, and wake it up.

im currently not overclocking my 4770 but I did it once around 2 weeks ago via rivatuner. The OC always froze my PC so i just put it back to the original setting.

I also notice some flickering on my monitor when I turn the computer on (during cold). Its very faint but you'll see it if you try very hard.

do you think my 4770 is shot? everything is working except for these cold boots. I hope I can still do something about it. help!
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  1. Does the same thing apply to your monitor? It is cold when the card is cold. Can you test it with another source of signal?
  2. monitor is ok... tried it with different monitors and it seems to be related to the VC.
  3. anyone? 3 minutes after boot up and everything is working fine... I can game, restart the PC, put it into sleep and wake it up and its fine.

    but if I dont use it for a long time (turned off, sleep, LCD off screensaver), it takes some time to bring the display back again.
  4. WOW, just found out that it's really the monitor thats conking out. thanks for the input
  5. It is usually heat that makes cards fail. Therefore the suspicion with the monitor!
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