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4 months ago I switched my PC to a home theater and have been loving it. But my Mobo just took a dive on me, and I think it may be wise to just upgrade everything while I am at it. My current specs are:
PNY 8800 GT
4 Gb DDR2
HDD: 250 gb with Windows 7 64
HDD: 500 gb Storage drive
Antec 630W Trupower PSU
ASUS P5QPro Paperweight

My TV is a 47in Rear Projection 1080i Toshiba. It is a little older, but gets the job done! The reason I am looking to upgrade my video card is because I have had issues with Nvidia and their drivers working perfectly on my TV. For example, when I load a video up, for some reason, the screen moves about 2 inches to the right, leaving a nice black strip down the left side. I have compensated for this by moving the screen left, but it is just annoying. Also, I had to come up with a custom resolution to fit the screen and I have read that ATI's drivers are better at handling this issue. So I was thinking of upgrading to a XFX 4850 1 GB. I still play a few video games on the TV (Dragon Age), so I would like something more than integrated graphics. Does anyone have experience with this card in an HTPC Setup?

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  1. It will handle it fine. Usually I would recommend a lower card but the HD4850 provides all the features for HD video they have.
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