I7 950 too hot 75+ C while playing crysis 2 no overclock

Hey I have a decent gaming rig but my cpu seems to be the problem child at the moment. I would like to know what I should do to keep my cpu from overheating.


Haf 932 case
Asus Rampage III Formula
i7 950 stock
Cooler Master V10
Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 1600
Zalman 1000w

I have never overclocked anything before this rig, so im a newbie. I tried messing around and failed so I just leave it alone at stock clock speeds.

Idle temps are around 38 or 39 C and max load is around 78 almost 80, while playing the crysis 2 demo. Other games also get the same way. I think that the cooler master v10 would be enough for the job but it seems that its not doing it right. Just wondering if its the cooler master thermal paste was too thin or perhaps bios settings, or perhaps even a bad cooler.

I hope this is enough information for me to get some answers, thanks in advance.
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    double check the cooler is installed correctly, the temp is very high. i know people have complained about the v8 & 10 being a pain to install correctly.
  2. it's installed correctly, just double checked. all screws snug, and lights and fan are working. when i boot up now and again, in dos mode, it says cpu fan error and beeps, then says press f1 to resume, and when I press f1 it starts up fine. Its been doing this for about a month or so
  3. Is the CPU fan spinning when you get the failure message ? Is it plugged into the CPU fan header on the MoBo ... or a Molex ?

    What's the Vcore voltage ?

    Do the voltage optimization thing described here.

    My son's 920 on the Rampage does mid to hi 50's at 3.8 GHz (Vcore = 1.1125) under P95 small FFT's.....low 70's at 4.0 - 4.2
  4. vcore is at .944v

    the asus ai suite II keeps giving me voltage warnings, I have no idea why, its telling me that voltage is too low or something, DRAM BUS, QPI DRAM Core Voltage, IOH Voltage, ICH Voltage, pretty much freaking out telling me that voltages are at a warning. just now i got a CPU PLL voltage warning for being at .020v is that bad? I have no idea whats going on. but I think its all related to the cpu, I think. I don't mean to get off track, but its all happening and i have a feeling its all related. CPU temp is idle at 43 degrees with just pandora playing and bitorrent and a few other system tasks.
  5. fixed: reapplied thermal paste. rice grain size in the middle of the cpu did the trick. videos on youtube showed methods of using a plastic bag, and smoothing it out. That doesn't work for me, just put a rice grain on the cpu, then apply the cpu cooler on top. I now idle at 28 degrees with a stock clock speed. Max load is about 45 to 50 degrees.
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