Is there a practical use for USB 3.0 besides external hard drives?

For example, if I plug an Ipod into a USB 3.0 port, it is my understanding that the transfer rates will be of a 2.0 rate because the Ipod is a USB 2.0 product? Is this correct?

So what devices are out there, besides external hard drives, are useful on 3.0?
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  1. 1) You are correct with the iPod running at USB 2.0, as it does not support USB 3.0.

    2) I haven't really see any other device using USB 3.0 besides external drives. Currently, the most practical use is as an external storage / network drive were information is quickly transferred or backed up on the drive. It can become a more useful tool for other devices, as they adapt the USB 3.0 standard.
  2. 1) Faster Data Transfer Speed
    2) Lower Power Consumption by the USB Devices
    3) Higher Power Supplied to the USB Devices, especially useful for Portable HDD’s
  3. i must admit that i have been looking for a case for my first build and while i have been impressed with some cases having more than one usb 3.0 on the front i/o port, apart from my iPhone i too have wondered what other devices get plugged in there. you've asked a good question as i feel you've beaten me to it. even if you are to plug an external hard drive in there, i'd that be plugged in at the rear as i for one don't like to see trailing wires sticking out in front of me. the iPod / iPhone wire is only temporary measure as probably aleady know.
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