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I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, music enthusiast and plan on editing videos in the future. I am however a huge noob when it comes to this stuff. This computer will be the first one I have ever built. I have invested a lot of time doing research and a large chunk of money in the parts. Basically... I don't want to put it all to waste. More than half of the hardware is at my house and the rest should be here within a couple days.

I've done quite a bit of research and am hoping everything will work out. I'm looking for any solid advice when building this, and also wondering what drivers I should load in what order. Any advice and/or comments will be most appreciated!

Azza Solona 1000 Atx Full Tower

Power Supply Unit
Xfx Black Edition 750 modular

Intel core i7-950

Asus Rampage III Formula

Video Card
Nvidia Gtx 580

Solid State Drive
Muskin Enhanced Callisto Deluxe SSD 120gb

Sound Card
HT Omega Claro Halo

G.Skill Ripjaw 12gb, 3x4gb, 1600 9-9-9-24

Second Internal HD
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12

From my limited knowledge, I have heard to...

1) Update the BIOS
2) Set storage controller and SATA mode
3) Install windows 7
4) Load the Network (although I'm not positive how I do this)
5) Update Chipset
6) Install Intel Rst
7) Update Windows
8) Hard Drive firmware (do to many seagate known problems)
9) Install latest Direct X
10) Update Graphics Card Online
11) SSD Firmware Online
12) Update Sound Card Online
13) Profit?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Updated BIOS - not really essential unless a new CPU comes out that requires a BIOS updat to work on your chosen motherboard. Since Intel make the chipset and CPU there is rarely a problem.

    Update Chipset Drivers = again Intel did a pretty goods job first timne around, but there are occassional updates - you can eiter use the ones from the the motherboard manufacturers website of use the ones from Intel directly... it is a very straight forward update

    Install Windows 7 - for once MS got most of their work right, installing windows 7 makesl ife so much easier as the PC will be useable immediately because of the better driver support. In days gone by you had to hunt down drovers for various pieces of hardware - windows 7 makes it much easier to use your pc before updated drivers.

    Load the Network ? not entirely sure what this is supposed to mean - after all the PC will be ready to connect to the internet right after windows 7 has finished installing. If you use your PC on a newtork then you may just have to select the network settings - nothing to load though.

    Install Anti Virus software..... this is a MUST for any PC builder - even if they dont plan on using the PC online some disc based software can contain viruses - though it depends on who made the software. Avast & AVG are both free for personal use and update regularly...

    Update Mothereboard online = this is the same as update the chipset drivers....

    Update Windows - from time to time (pretty much every month) there will Windows updates / patches from MS andthe standard settings for Windows 7 is to automatically download the updates.

    Install the latest Direct X - this ships as part of Windows 7 - occassionally, though less frequently than windows there will be minor updates.

    Update Graphicvs Drivers = unless you have a brand new latest GPU there driver CD included may have outdated drivers - though 99.9% of people wouldnt notice difference between driver versions. Nvidia who make the card you are intending to buy list the drivers ver yeasily on their website.

    SSD Firmware - WARNING SSD's work great out of the box and have far greater read / write performance compared to your HDD - however like many PC components they do update firmware from time to time. If you plan on doing this make sure you back up the data stored on the SSD, as there are several SSD's out there that blank their contents when the firmware is updated.

    Update Sound Card online - again just a simple driver update - most people wouldnt be able to tell the difference beteen diver versions - if you have sound issues then a drver update might cure the problem, if you have no issues then I wouldnt worry too much

    Profit ???? not sure unless you plan on building and selling PC's why this is mentioned.

    Dont let a lot of what people tell you put you off - buildiung a PC is easy..... its the fine details that often take the time. Building a PC is prety much straight forward - every component on the motherboard is designed to fit one way round. Windows 7 installation is very easy and requires little or no user intervention other than entering the license key.

    Tricky part.... if your case has a side window... is the neat / tidy cabling inside, if it has a window then people will be able to see the inside and any messy cable tidying
  2. Oh this clears many things up, thank you!

    The SSD firmware caution scares me a little bit, since I am installing the OS on it.

    Never owned one, how would I go about backing it up?

    Profit = just being able to use it fully updated =P.
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