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How long do you run 3d bench mark test

Just wondering, how long do you run 3d bench mark test. Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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    Which one? 3D '06 and Vantage have a set length and chuck out a score at the end but you can set them to loop if you wish.
  2. 3D '06 and Vantage I just let it run. If I'm doing an endless loop to test for tempertures using Furmark I use about 5 minutes, after that the temps don't change much if at all.
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  4. It was 3D Vantage, someone had a post here, but it's gone now. He said to let it run 3 different times all after restarts and take the average of the 3. I didn't really care what my score was, but rather just trouble shoot a BSOD x124 error message and was just trying to rule out my video card. I do thank you for your help and support. I came to choose his answer as the best one, but for some reason, I don't see it anymore...
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