Installing SSD? So confused.

Okay so I'm installing an SSD(corsair force) on an lga 775 system, but that system does not support ACHI only IDE and RAID. Which is better? does raid support trim? Also is there anything else I need to change exept disabling defragmentation?

On a different note I might also be buying an SSD setup for myself soon and I'm filled with questions. I'm determined to get a raid0(have one now for my caviar blacks) setup because I love speed :D. But raid0 doesn't support trim right? I heard crucial c300s don't degrade fast and besides they are the fastest controllers out there(in the affordable range) would raiding them be a good idea? Also do they really need trim or is it not as essential as with sandforce drives? And why does no-one reccomend them? they seem to be the fastest at a decent price even.
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  1. If you only have one drive, go with IDE. RAID does NOT support trim. (also only Windows 7 has native TRIM support)

    What is your OS? I believe Windows 7 disables defrag for you. I haven't checked on mine yet, but that's what I've read. I would also disable Hibernation and decrease the size of your page file. I did this and gained 10 more GB (about 5 gb for each).

    Reading your post further, I don't think any RAID supports trim, maybe someone can confirm this. I think in the long run you'd be better with TRIM than without it. I have an OCZ vertex 2 and it's fast, sure RAID may be faster, but this should suit your needs. However, I would look into the performance of IDE vs AHCI to see how much you would be losing, probably not too much.

    Based on these benchmarks it looks like by going with IDE, you lose roughly 15% performance on sequential read writes, but it looks about the same for random read writes. HTH
  3. yeah I got win7, but I heard of some issues with win7 detecting SSDs but anyways I'll figure it out.

    And yeah a full fledged raid setup never supports trim, but I though raid was the same as ACHI, but with the possibility to go to a raid setup. Also the review you posted says IDE does support trim. I heard it doesn't anyways thanks for your help already. Seems like IDE isn't to bad seeing as random read is the most important anyways.
  4. Set up the corsair force with IDE trim says it's enabled so all good there and defragmentation is off. So that works.

    But as for the c300s anyone know wether they degrade fast without trim?
  5. Wow thanks for that complete answer really appreciate it :D
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