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470 Temp's too hot?

Hi community,

I just set up a new rig with the following specs:

CPU: i5-760@2.8Ghz (Lynnfield)
Mobo: MSI H55M-P33 (MS-7636)
GPU: MSI GTX 470 (Single fan, the twin frozr wasn't available)
RAM: 4gb Kingston@1333 Mhz
PSU: Cooler Master 700W Extreme Power
HDD: Seagate 1 TB Barracuda @7200RPM
Tower: Cooler Master Elite 335

[BTW, How does this rig sound?:) ]

Apart from the GPU fan, I have two 120 mm fans running (one at the rear and one at the front). Despite these, the GPU temp's are shooting upto 103-105 when playing Aliens v. Predators on everything maxed and DX11 (tessellation on, etc)

I checked this issue with L4D2 and Half Life 2 Episode 2, the temp's were at about 85.

When the system is idle, the temp's are at 65-68.

There is no overclocking on any hardware. The CPU/ GPU/ RAM, etc are all on factory clocks.

I'm kinda worried. I just went all out putting this rig together. The temp's shoot up almost 10 mins into the game (AvP) and the fans spin up high too. I have an extra slot for another 120 mm fan. This one will be on the side panel (opposite the mobo) but would it help?

What else can i do to get the heat issue down? Would really appreciate all the help.

The GPU temp on idle is now hovering at 56....

Thanks y'all...
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  1. These are high temperatures, you may need to look at rearanging the fans. What is your room temperature? You may have a faulty card.

    Room Temperature 25C
    1st 5850: 30C Idle/ 56C Load
    2nd 5850: 41C Idle /71C Load

    However, these are different cards, the 470 isa femi and runs hotter then the 5850. Some people have found replacing the thermal paste has helped.
  2. It is a problem with your graphics card. 105c is the max limit, and the GPU fan should be able to keep you below 90c at 75% RPM's, even in a poorly ventilated case. You should idle at no more than 55c, and usually below 50c.

    The first thing I would do is download the latest drivers off the website and install those. You can then download the 2.0 version of Afterburner (if you don't already have it) and use that to 'Reset' your speeds and fans, then use it to monitor temperatures. The last suggestion I have is to download GPU-Z to see which bios revision you have. The original bios allowed the card to reach higher temperatures and was fixed in a later revision.
  3. Your system looks great :bounce:

    However those temps on the GPU are way too high.

    As a quick test to see whether it is insufficient ventilation or poor HSF/GPU contact (in other words, a defective GPU): Try removing the side of your case and setting up a desk/floor fan to blow in directly on the card. If temps stay high, it is likely the card. If they drop, maybe the case fans can be reorganized, sped up, or upgraded.
  4. Hi all, and thanks for your replies.

    My room temp is about 28-29. With that, the idle temps of the GPU are at 55-60, which I feel is still on the higher side.

    I checked with nVidia online and it says I already have the latest drivers.
    I had v.1.5 of afterburner and downloaded 2.2 as you suggested. I hit the reset button and saved the profile. Though there were no changes in the graphs/ numbers on the afterburner screen, however when I gave AvP another shot, the temp's hit max at 93. Though this was only 10 mins into the game. But the temp's did not go over 93 for the rest of the period (40 mins total)

    I also downloaded GPU-Z and checked the BIOS version. Since I didn't know the original and later versions, I couldn't figure out much on that front. I'll put up a screenshot of the stats later today (am in office at the moment)

    Thanks, will try that tonight as well. In the meanwhile, I'm getting my comp guy to put in a third fan (80mm) on the side panel. I 'really' hope three fans would help the issue.

    I ran AvP again for about 45 mins on max and DX11. The max. temp went to 93. The thing is, everytime I run AvP, the GPU temp's shoot up almost within 5 mins of gameplay. However, on the second round as stated above, the temp's seemed to hover at 90-91 (with max being at 93).

    As for the idle temps' most of the times its at 55 average. But there are instances when I see it at 63-64. I'm planning on getting the third fan installed and have a gaming session of about 2 hrs and monitor the temps

    There are also these insulating 'pastes'....was wondering if they're any good? Also, I'm using the stock fan and heatsink which came with the CPU.....should I change that as well? The CPU and the GPU are pretty close to each other on that motherboard.

    Thanks again ppl...
  5. I had great success last night changing the thermal paste on my GTX480. It was actually really easy, as the shroud comes off with no tools, then it's just 4 screws to remove the cooler. I got my temps down a full 5-7c at both idle and load, and the fan runs about 5-10% slower.

    If you want to try that, here are a couple guides. The only thing to be careful of is you need to use the right size screw driver. You need one with a really tiny head. The screws are pretty tight, and you need to be careful not to strip the socket where the screwdriver goes.
  6. OP,

    I have the MSI GTX 470 single fan unit.

    In an Armor BWS8003 (fulltower, 25CM fan removed) case with two 120mm intakes, one 120mm exhaust, and 1 90mm top exhaust, I see lower temps than you do.

    Idle Temp can be 50-55C (I've seen less on cool nights). And the highest I've ever hit with Furmark benchmark is 94/95C.

    These cards are KNOWN to run very hot. I think the thermal limit is like 104C on these puppies.

    As for thermal paste. I did remove my heatsink and cleaned off the stock thermal paste. Replaced it with some Antec Silver and saw absolutely no difference. Had I used better compound perhaps I'd have seen a difference. But in my case I didn't.

    [Your rig looks great BTW :)]

    EDIT: In all fairness, I do have a GTX 260 sandwiched up against my GTX 470 (it's for PhysX). However, I removed it for a couple nights and honestly didn't really see any temp difference with it removed.
  7. @Jerreece:
    Thanks man, for your views. :) I'm kinda taking it one step at a time to see what's the best/ most convenient way to work out the temps.

    As stated earlier, I just finished a session on AvP without the side panel. I tried two ways:

    1. Set the fan speed to 70% and then 80%:
    At 70%, the temp's went up to 88C, while at 80%, they were a good 83-84. At both, the idle temp's were 51-55.

    2. Set the fan speed to auto:
    Here, the temp initially touched 94, but then settled at 90-91. The idle temp is 57-60 though.

    I guess the problem lies with the venting of the case. As of now, I have 2x120 mm fans and 1 GPU fan running. Even though my case has space for an additional fan (80 mm), I really doubt it would help in a closed case. :(

    I really doubt the fault lies in the GPU, given the above 'testings'. Although I realize I can't keep the side panel open 24x7, what are the options?

    Also, what would be safe temp's for the card?

    Thanks ppl, appreciate the help...
  8. I'd be happy with 45 -55c idle and 85-92c full maxed out gaming with the fan at Auto. The GPU has several power phases, so even when something like the screensaver comes on, it kicks into a higher performance/heat level.
  9. Best answer
    I have 2 GTX470's in SLI

    The first card idles at around 45-55, and on load its about 85-90
    The second card is at 30-45 idle, and 70-80 on load.

    I have the reference versions and these are stardard, not over clocked and run very high indeed. The problem ive seen is that the inside case air flow is mixed. Making the hot air stay inside the case, rather then cool air flow striaght through.

    People get different temps with different air flow setups.. I have the HAF 922 case, a 140mm Front in take fan, a 220mm Side intake fan, a 120mm Back and a 220mm Top Exshaust fan and this for my system/case is the optimum.. Perfect air flow through outthe system, inputting cold air in, and removing the hot air out..
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  11. Pretty late in the day, just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions! :)
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