Do I need a separate graphics card to edit AVCHD video?

I'm looking to upgrade a 5yr old system and I want to make sure I have enough power to edit AVCHD video.


My question is do I need to spend money on a separate graphics card or will the integrated graphics on whatever Mobo I get be enough? I get the sense that the CPU is most important for video editing and encoding performance.

I've been reading various arguments between ATI and Nvidia cards, but I want to know if I even need one at all? Again, I will never be gaming so I don't care about Crysis framerates or whatever......

Thanks in advance
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  1. In short, no. CS4 and CS5 (and I'm sure others programs) do have features to accelerate certain tasks via the GPU, but for the most part, it's all CPU bound.
  2. And is this also the case for AVCHD playback I'd assume? Like if I want to playback 1080p60 format, as long as my CPU is kick-arse then I'm fine?

    I'd rather put more money into a better CPU that can do the encoding faster if all the graphics cards are really necessary for is gaming. I've got a PS3 for that and I hardly find the time to game on it.....
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