ECS A890GXM-A(2.0) Cpu and ram Question

According to the website the 1075t be work in this same watts as the 1100t. But the 1100t is not listed on there site. is there a reason for this? also i have 4x2gb stick of the ram listed below having issues trying to figure out if it will fit or not.

ecs cpu list for this mobo--



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  1. I would email ecs tech support. They might email you a bios update for the 1100T. It won't hurt to try. Otherwise, it may not work, due to the wattage ratings difference. Some boards are limited to 95w cpus; anything higher will cause problems due to the voltage phase ratings of the board. It might work, but I wouldn't bet on it. Contact ecs first.
  2. Will do but the ecs site says the 1075t will work that a six core 125 watt and the 1100t is like 300mhz faster 125 watt
  3. Then you may be fine; the board may post with "unknown cpu". You'll just have to try it. ECS mailed me a bios update before; it took awhile, but they came through on an older board.
  4. Ok i still dont know what i want to do might be a good idea to wait for bulldozer does anyone know when that is coming out?
  5. April; last time I checked. If you don't have the board yet, I would wait to order anything. The early versions of bulldozer should work with some am3 boards, last time I checked. But it all depends on what boards get a bios update for them. Asus is best for bios updates; much better than ECS.
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