PSU problem (maybe)

I have a BFG 550w GS series psu and a HD 5670 gfx card but the computer won't turn on I have a dell dimension 9100 the power button blinks amber and when I first push the power button theres a slight hiss noise and no fans are spinning, when I have my old x600 in everything is fine.
Since my psu is dual rail could one of the rails been over used since the hd 5670 doesn't have a pci connecter and been worn out or is it a gfx card issue?
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  1. put the bfg psu in take out the graphics card and see if the computer starts. If it does it is a graphics cards issue. Other wise you are hooking up something wrong, or the psu is bad give it a try.
  2. I have the bfg psu in with the old x600 gfx card and its fine. I should also add that my computer was randomly restarting for no reason with the HD 5670 which i've had in there for about 6 months, and my psu is about 2 years old now...

    Is it possible for one rail on a multi rail psu to be worn out faster and just stop giving out the same power or does it all have to fail at once?
  3. I guess anything is possbile psu are touchy.
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