What GPU is right for me?

Hi, I own a HP P6610F and was wondering what GPU I should get (for gaming!). I heard the GeForce GT240 or Radeon 5650 would be good upgrades to the integrated HD 4200. I intend to upgrade my power supply to the max the motherboard will allow (350W). My system only has a single PCIe though. So I'm not sure wether or not theres room in the case for a card requiring two slots. So, what do you guys think? Would either of these work with my system? Any suggestions on which card I should buy? (Does not have to be one of the two!) Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.
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    First of all 5650 is a gpu made for laptops.Any gpu will work in your system but you have to upgrade your psu to a decent 500watt.Who told you that you cannot install a psu larger than 350watt?

    I am aware it is a GPU designed for laptops, but I'm not sure what to look for GPU wise. Which is why I'm here (heh). As for the information I recieved about the motherboard, that was from HP Tech support. When I posed the same question to them. They suggested a GT240, and told me I could only upgrade my power supply to a max of 350W (I intended to buy a Radeon 5750). I was confused by this and asked if it was the PCs housing or otherwise that limited the size of the power supply, and she told me it was my motherboard. Is this information incorrect? Thank you for your assistance.
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    WTF who deleted my comment?

    You have only made two comments in this thread including the one quoted!
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    You somehow locked the thread when i was posting my second comment.When i posted it i got a message 'Sorry this thread is locked'.But now you re-opened it.Why??

    It got closed by mistake, that happens sometimes because no-ones infallible. And Dip is correct, it's the case that will dictate the size of PSU you can use not the motherboard, if it were a small desktop case then you might be limited to a 250 - 300w PSU but in a midi tower you should be able to use pretty much anything out there apart from some of the really monster 1.2KW jobbies.
  4. Hm... I doubt casing size is the problem, and if it is, that's easily augmented. However, her exact words were that the motherboard had a limited capacity to support the power supply upgrade. That's what I am curious about, really. Obviously tech support from an official company wouldn't tell you to do certain things (case augmentation)... So is this a problem?
  5. Talking out of the choccy poop chute is what I call it.
  6. Honestly, the tech woman sounded jealous, lol. I tried to avoid that thinking, it was quite cynical. Assuming this isn't a problem, GPU recommendations if you would be so kind?
  7. How much do you want to spend on a PSU and GPU upgrade?
  8. I'm willing to go to 2xx for GPU, though 1xx range is preferred. PSU price I bet scales to that, so.
  9. I would wager that CPU would be fine with a GTX460 and although that's out of budget it would run just fine on a good 450-500w PSU.
  10. I believe the 5770 would be the best choice for now, as I intend to get other items for overclocking purposes (my friend is rather good at it). I'm curious however, about the 6 pin power set up on that card. Not sure, but I believe I have a PCI-e 2.0, meaning I could run the card without it, but at a lesser capacity, correct? This is my last question, you two have been alot of help. Ah yes, and would a new power supply provide one of these... things?
  11. You will still need to plug in the six pin power lead, especially if you are going to be OC'ing anything and most if not all recent decent PSU have at least one six pin PCIe lead.
  12. Thanks again you two, that should do it. Your time was much appreciated, best of luck to the both of you!
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