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hi, ive never built a pc from scratch before but i have got a pretty good idea of how to go about doing it but could WAY use some advice. after doing some decent research on components and stuff i have a rough idea of how my build is going to be:

Core i3 540/ i5 760
Ocz gamexstream 600w psu
ocz platinum 2x(2gb) ddr3 cl7 kit
saphire radeon 5670 512 mb
Gigabyte setto 1000

the HDD i already have its a 750 gb sata seagate Barrcuda 16 mb cache

My questions are:

1) can someone here recommend a good motherboard (im currently thinking about a GB h55m usb3 but its micro atx, does that mean it has less space for slots)?

2) any components you know of that are REALLY good value for money (like the 5670)

3)is the core i5 processor mentioned worth the price hike?

4) The games im planning to play are (FIFA 11, Pes 2011, Civilization 5, Empire total war, World in conflict) how will this system fare with those titles?

please note im in Egypt so selection isnt that great and what is available here is expensive so im really stressing on the value factor as you may have noticed

thanks for any replies in advance
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  2. Any Gigabyte P55 or Asus P55 board are what you want the H55s have built in graphics, which you won't need (and i5s won't use). The 5670 is a poor choice nowadays. if you can swing it, get a GTX 460 or HD 6850 instead,otherwise go with a GTS 450 or HD 5770. I wouldn't go lower than those two for gaming.
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