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What would be the most radical Monitor/GPU combination for gaming? Price no object.
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    Except you can only pair two 5970's together.

    The most radical combination would have to include 3d.
    So 3 120mhz 3d 23' ready monitors.
    2-3- or 4 gtx 480's
    Nvidia 3d vision shutter glasses kit.

    Second place
    same monitors
    utilize eyefinity surround free except for display port adapter(s)
  2. Depends on what is meant by most radical.

    Trifire 5870 is more than capable of beating quad and tri sli gtx 480 btw.

    Unless you play triple A TWMPB games like metro and far cry, obviously.
  3. I don't want to steer the discussion, I am just looking to see what monitor/GPU combos you all consider the best. Hopefully, someone will point me toward the combo that I end up choosing in the future.
  4. It really depends on what you are thinking about. In my personal opinion, anybody who is spending a lot of money on a gaming setup needs to be using either Eyefinity or Nvidia 3d surround.

    Spending a lot of money on a graphics card while only having one screen in front of you is just silly.

    Even a 5850 + three 1920x1080 lcd's is far better than a 5970 and one 1920x1080 lcd.
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