Side Fan Intake or Exhaust?

I recently bought a CM 690 II Advanced Case, no side panel window. I have a 120mm side fan on the lower mounting area (the higher one is blocked by my enormous Hyper 212+) and the VGA support/fan mounting bracket with a thin 80mm fan in it. Currently both of these are set to intake and blow on my 1 Powercolor 4850 (512MB) that doesn't exhaust out the back of the case. VGA temp idle is 34C. What I was wondering is if this is keeping all the hot air from the VGA stuck in that area continuously circulating. Other fans as follows:

1 x 140mm front
2 x 120mm bottom
1 x 120mm side
1 x 80mm side

1 x 120mm rear
2 x 140mm top
2 x 120mm on CPU HS (push-pull) pointing directly at rear exhaust
1 x 80mm other side (back of MB)

Bottom Mounted PSU draws air from bottom and out back, completely isolated.

Should I keep this setup or change something around?

Also, looking for a good program to control fan speeds as well as a hardware controller for 9 x 3 pin fans, this thing is a little loud now...
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  1. From what I understand is most cases are designed to intake from all sides and exhaust out the back panel only. (Somtimes the top as well). The side panel DEFINITY an intake. That is blowing fresh cool air directly onto the CPU, Northbridge, Southbridge heatsinks. Those normaly don't have fans they will be cooled by the side panel fan. This should creat a flow of air starting at the front panel moving accros your Hard drives hits the motherboard and is accelerated from the fresh air from the side panel fan intak and then exhaused out the back.
  2. Well, I was looking at where this fan is and it's not above the CPU, NB, or SB. VGA is in the way. My temps haven't gone up from when I was using a VSK-2000 (Antec) with no side fan (it did have an open mesh area there though). Temps haven't gone down either though...
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    It doesn't need to be pointed directly on any of the parts. The point is that it provide fresh air directly onto the motherboard area. In your case it's primarly hits the graphic card which is the biggest producer of heat. As a secondary effect it causes greater circulation around the rest of the MB. Side fans however and not going to cause a major temp change. Instead they tend to help even out the ambient temprature in the case. Meaning they help air flow to remove pockets of hot air generated from video cards and CPU collers. Many Capacitors fail around the CPU becuse of theis hot air pooling. The side fan will help disperse these pockets. So don't expet your temps to change but feel more comfortable in that all the hot air from your video card isn't going to fry some caps from you M/B.
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