Video/Game refresh problem........

Hey guys! I was wondering if you could help me out with a little problem.

I seem to have a strange shuddering problem when watching any videos on vlc/windows media player, and any and all games. Regardless of the game.

The problem looks like a tv that's being seen through a movie camera, if that makes sense. Like the refresh rates don't match. Like movie flickering.

Here's what I run.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
1 300GB velociraptor
Asus P5n-d mobo
Q9550 @3.4ghz (with a titan cooler)
8 gigs of corsair dominator ram
x2 evga SC 260 core216's
PC&powercooling 750W PSU
Asus xonar dx sound card
My monitor is a 25.5 inch samsung touch of color. (1920x1080)

Here's what I have done to fix the problem, in random order.

Reinstalled windows, with all updates and latest drivers.
Stocked my cpu back to 2.83ghz
Checked temps, (gpu max load is 44c and cpu is 48c at 100% load)
Tried running non sli with only one card, tried each one in the upper pci-e slot.
Changed cables from dual link dvi to hdmi.
Tired different resolutions
Tried windows xp pro 64-bit.
Removed the sound card
Tried tweaking all possable bios/video driver settings that made any sense.
Tried a friends 295
Tried my videocards in another rig, (no problems)
Tried praying to god, no dice.

I'm at a loss here. The only thing that it could be at this point that I believe is the motherboard. But if so, what on earth causes this problem? I have changed every single thing video related.

Oh, and just incase anyone thinks it's the monitor, I thought the same thing so I changed from my dual 20inch viewsonics to the samsung touch of color TO fix the problem, which it didn't.
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  1. I'm sure you already checked this, but have you changed the refresh rate and/or VSync?
  2. Matt,

    yea I did. i tried turning on/off vsync on the driver level and game level, no dice. I tried adjusting the monitor to (game mode) and also no luck.

    I'm stumped by the problem. In all 21 years of me being a PC/techie, I have never had this problem ever. So weird.
  3. Is that a TV or PC monitor? My Samsung P2770H is a PC monitor, but the P2770HD is a TV. Is it new and/or in good shape?

    Edit: Oh, sorry I just read the last part about switching monitors. I'm still feeling like checking the monitor settings though. There is one setting for movies, which run at 20 fps. (I have both Samsung TV and monitor.)
  4. Dip, I changed from a standard dvi to a dual link dvi cable, then changed again to an hdmi cable. all within 1 week. It's not the cables. I have also tried sli, non sli, and a friends videocard, all with no change.

    Matt, the samsung touch of color monitor is a regular pc monitor. I checked with samsung for the proper settings, and they said the default should work just fine. The refresh is running at 59.9hz/60.1hz all the time.
  5. Dip,

    It's only when playing ANY game or watching videos. Without recording and uploading the problem all I can say is, that it's exactly the kind of flicker that people see when viewing a tv screen through a movie. You know, when the movie camera films at one frame rate while the tv is at another? It's just like that.

    The only thing that has never been changed is the PSU and mobo. I doubt the psu can do this. And if it is the mobo, what exactly on the mobo could cause this problem?
  6. Well, to be honest, no. It's been there for the last 2.5 years that I have had my mobo. I always just lived with it because I was gaming on a very old 20 inch viewsonic at 1280x1024 res, so I just lived with it. It's only after I got fed up with it and said, (Screw this i'm changing monitors) did I really care. But when I changed monitors and got no result, I decided to dig deeper. But all my tests have come up empty. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

    The mobo is warrentied and I could always rma it just in case, but I have never had a single issue with this board. To RMA it basied on a guess, I'm not comfortable with that. I've done everything I can think of.

    Back to your question on game performance. All my games play well. x2 sc260core216s with a q9550@3.4ghz can play most anything very well. Even something like GTA4 at 1080P res on fraps gets me 44 FPS. But it's on regualr videos too. I'll download tv episodes and even on windows media player, i'll get the problem. However, with video the problem is on the top of the screen while with games it's in the center.

    I did see forum posts about sli micro studdering, but when I disabled sli and removed one of my videocards with no result, I gave up on that idea.
  7. Dip,

    Thanks for the complement. I thank you for assisting me with this problem.

    Even though I'm not 100% sure on the mobo, I do agree it is the only step left to take. Man, computers are very love/hate. I need a beer.

    Thanks for everything Dip, i'll RMA this mobo asap.
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  9. I only wish there were other opens in mobos for me. the ASUS P5N-D mobo is the ONLY 775 socket with sli left to purchase anywhere. (Which is what I already got.)
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