Several issues with new PC build

I want to start by pointing out that this is my first PC build so to say I am unexperienced is an insult to the word. I tried to counter that with extensive research but I came up short in a few areas, I'll explain more below.

First here's the system specs:

Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D-E (N82E16813131641)
CPU: Intel Core i7-950 (N82E16819115211)
Ram: G.SKILL Trident+Turbulence II Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) (N82E16820231413)
Video: EVGA GeForce GTX 580 (N82E16814130589)

Hard Drive 1: OCZ Vertex 2 60GB (N82E16820227550)
Hard Drive 2: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB (N82E16822152185)

Case: LIAN LI Lancool PC-K7B (N82E16811112154)
Power: CORSAIR 750HX (N82E16817139010)
Cooling: Corsair H50 (N82E16835181010)

Now I'm sure the pro's out there are already shaking their heads but I think I did all right considering my 0 experience standpoint. Here's the issues I've run into so far.

First issue, the case. The case is highly rated on new egg and I have seen it used and referenced in quite a few builds specifically they mentioned that it would easily fit the monster GTX 580 I wanted to include in the build. What wasn't mentioned is the airflow. The case itself has 2 intake fans (with dust filters) in the front, and a single exhaust fan in the rear. I picked the Corsair H50 as it seemed to do the most cooling for the cost ($59.99 at best buy!) but I didn't realize that it requires a nearby intake fan to cool the radiator. I was forced to flip it around and use it as an exhaust hoping that it would still cool sufficiently.

So my question is should I leave it as is? Or flip it around to an intake then flip the front fans to exhaust? I really have no idea what will create better cooling in the end.

Second issue, the ram. I saw gskill mentioned over and over again as brand of choice so I knew I wanted 6gb (3x2gb) so I went to the gskill website and grabbed the highest DDR3 with my mobo listed as compatible. More is better right? Eh, no. Apparently you have to over-clock your system until it could fry an egg to get the ram running at 2000 and I had no intention of OC'ing at all with my experience level. The system boots and runs fine at stock settings for everything but if I change it to XMP in bios I get a "over-clock failed" when I boot. From the gskill forum posts I've read I can only assume that this is just due to my i7-950 not being able to handle the voltage required to push the ram to 2000.

So my question is are there settings for my bios that I can salvage these sims at? I don't need to get all the way to 2000, I just want them to perform well and have a system that's not going to slowly cook itself to death. If the answer is buy new ram, then that's ok. I'd just rather get that process started now so I don't have to wait as long. Oh and if you are going to give me bios settings please please be very specific as again I am a complete newbie to OC'ing.

Third problem, the SSD. Everything seems to be working correctly but I've had a few programs / downloads fail on me and I'm wondering if perhaps I've got a bad sector on the SSD somewhere. I did change storage config in bios to ACHI before installing windows so that's all good. I saw something about needing to install TRIM drivers as well but is that necessary with windows 7 64bit?

Anyway my question on this is there some diagnostic utility out there I can use to make sure my SSD unit is a-ok?

Thanks in advance for your advice. I really am up a creek on these issues and would really appreciate a life line. Again thanks for your time.
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  1. For your fan conundrum, what are your CPU temps. If they are normal, I wouldn't bother adjusting. I'm not sure why you bought the H50 though if you are not planning on overclocking. Download coretemp to monitor this.

    Second, at what speed is your ram currently running? download cpu-z to monitor this. It might already be running fast enough.

    Third, when you say programs/downloads fail, what do you mean? Your download aborting most likely has nothing to do with your SSD. Not sure what you mean by program fail.
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