~1400$ Gaming PC / Workstation / Home Theater


Next year in february I finally get some money, my grandfather passed me some twenty years ago. 1000€ of it will go straight into a new rig, the one I hope you help me build. : )

Approximate Purchase Date: End of February 2011

Budget Range: 1000€ / 1400$
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (newest, best looking stuff, I'm a graphics whore :bounce: ), Workstation, Watching Movies (1080p, BlueRay), Surfing and stuff

Parts Not Required: Displays, speakers, mouse, keyboard, external harddrive, USB-hub, headset

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I like "Alternate.de" alot, fastest shipping, most reliable and premium-service - BUT only german. But I will be able to find the parts you point me at on my own. ;)

Country of Origin: Germany

Parts Preferences: I used only Nvidia as long as I can think, apart from the first gcard being a 3DfxVodoo one. But if you say ATI is really really better, I'd go with that. Same goes for Intel/AMD and any other brands. Size of cased is unimportant, but it should be black and shiny. I want to use two displays, so dual DVI should be possible.

Overclocking: No, I'm too much of a chicken for that... I learned, that your parts go bad faster, doing it! :ange:

SLI or Crossfire: No, too much specific problems arising with not that much additional power.

Additional Comments: Quiet PC is a must, I leave it on over the night for doing stuff (rendering) and would like to sleep next to it. At least 4 Gb RAM, 6Gb would be cool. Are SSD's useful at this stage? SSD for OS only (around 80-100Gb) or is a "big" one with 500Gb a good investment, considering there relatively new and being developed fast at the moment?

Thank you all very much in advance for any useful tipp and comments...
Even for the unuseful, if it's funny enough. :D
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  1. Hmm to maximise $$/performance i would really advocate clocking and for a USA config this would be my config so could be some ideas :P

    Basically hit a 1055T OC air + 8GB DDR3 featuring GTX 570

    Items off Egg $615

    1055T + MSI 870A-G54 $220 (there is also the 1090T option)

    $29 with promo code Scythe SCMG-2100 MUGEN-2 Rev.B

    $864 in total
  2. Hi batuchka,

    thanks for you fast reply!
    Why is the country of origin important? Because you said specifically "USA config"? You mean, parts being differently priced in the US then in Europe, I assume?

    The SONY OptiArc can't read BlueRays, right? But then again I didn't say "Watching movies (BlueRay)", so it's my own fault.
    The GTX570 is fine, although I'm a bit scared off by all the FERMI-card reviews stating theyre generally as loud as a turbine, getting too hot fast and sucking eletricity like insane...
    4Gb RAM is a bit scarce in my opinion, I planned for at least 6Gb, preferably 8Gb to be on the safe side. Unrealistic? Unnecessary?

    Otherwise, a nice system you have planned out there. But there's still ~500$ to spend. :D
    I will update my description above....

    Thanks for your help so far!
  3. Well for one hardware availability, pricing, etc may vary geographically.
    Nope u need a Blu ray ODD for that and well the GTX 470/480 has high power but Fermi refined with the GTX 570/580 addressed that somewhat
    I was thinking 4GB DDR3 but u mentioned workstation so... :P
    There is also the option of a 2nd/bigger hdd and a Sandforce based SSD yada yada
    Yep u are welcomed ^^
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