Bios doesn't shows up but windows starts up

Hi there guys. A few days ago I noticed that when I turn up my pc the board bios doesn't appear, but after a little bit windows loads perfectly and everything works just fine, I've multiple screens (2) but I have tried with only 1 plugged and nothing, what could be?

I've a gigabyte fxa ud3

Thank you!
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    Press the "del" key right after pressing the power switch and you may enter the bios. You may find a setting to disable the current post screen and see the board, cpu and ram information instead. But if your board is oem for dell or hp, you won't have much to work with. Oem system bios files are small and have few adjustments.
  2. I just realized that I switched the cables to the secondary gtx 460 ( I have an sli) and when I switched to the 1st gpu I rebooted and at least saw the (loading operative system message), sadly I had to leave home and couldn't try to turn it on again, but I am almost sure it should work, anyway I'll check tomorrow and I'll let you know. Thanks a bunch
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