Need help urgent..bsod after using nvflash

Hi guys, need urgent help..tried to flash the gpu bios of my gtx460 in sli to be able to install the latest beta drivers..

however when it was finished and when i restarted my pc, i get artifacts on the screen.. and get bsod...

i tried running in safe mode, and tried to flash again
>nvflash.exe <rom> -4 -5 -6

(used version 5.95)

, but i get the message "ERROR: Unable to start service (0x0000043c)

also when i used the latest setup from palit site, i get alwys get the message no need to update your ga bios(or not support for your VGA card)

need help badly..thanks
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  1. i know, that was really stupid of me. prob now is i dont have a backup of my old bios...unles some has a copy of the old palit gtx460 bios..or im doomed.

    also, cant i flash my vga bios while in safe mode? still i get those artifacts right from the start of bootup..its really frustrating. such a stupid move..
  2. i got it from this site

    at first it was working when i was running with one gtx460. ad now that im adding another in sli, i thought maybe i should update it as well, and then there i got the problem.

    early signs where there when gpu-z cannot load after flashing...
  3. i guess thats the only way to solve it..thanks
  4. rma'd the cards. itll take two weeks.. :(
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