Installed new CPU heatsink and now computer will not boot

Hi, I have a Gigabyte P55-UD3 motherboard with a I5-750. I installed a new Cooler Master heat sink and now the computer will not boot up at all. I tried to remove all the components but that didn't help. When I power on the computer all the fans start running and all the phase lights turn on. Is it possible I broke the CPU pins when I installed the heatsink? I don't think it tighten down the screws too much. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Unless you removed the cpu when you installed the new cooler , you couldn't have damaged the pins. You do want to make sure that all the power connectors are pushed in all the way. Especially the cpu power connectors near the cpu socket , since you were working around that area with the new heat sink you may have loosened one of them.
  2. Make sure the CPU is getting power.
  3. Hi, I think I had my motherboard power connector not connected correctly. I wish I known that before I bought a new motherboard and CPU. I already put the new computer together (I7-2600K and another Gigabyte motherboard) and sent in the rebates. I might have to sell my I5 and motherboard on ebay cheap.

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