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Decided to build a system with parts just laying around. Everything worked previously but won't post now. He's what I have thus far:
PC Chips M960GV mobo
Antec 420W PSU
2 GB generic DDR (each stick 1 GB)
Coolermaster CPU fan
Celeron D processor
Generic ATX case
No drives connected thus far
When system is powered on, both PSU and CPU fans twitch/start to turn then shut down. Swapped PSU with another generic 420W. same result. Was going to upgrade this to a P4 that I picked up cheap. Tried that, same result.Installed 1 stick of mem at a time. Do I have to have a keyboard, mouse and/or monitor connected to power this up? I'm no tech, but can read a meter and have replaced the occasional burnt resistor or cap. Any help would be appreciated. It's just for fun...Thanks, Mike
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  1. I would hook a monitor up make sure the ram speed/type is compatable with that motherboard. process of elimination now.
  2. Same ram, never even took it out of the board. Just swapped cases. Have not yet connected to a monitor, but will try. Thought it would power up without. Used this board for 3+ years with few problems...
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