Sufficient PSU for my build

Hi guys,

I'm building the following system:

Gigabyte GA-880gm-ud2h motherboard
AMD Athlon II X4 640 cpu
4gb (2x2gb) Crucial DDR3 1333
1 Samsung 1.5tb SATA-II drive
1 Bluray drive
1 (powered) external HD

This won't be a gaming machine so I don't intend to put another graphics card in other than the on board graphics of the motherboard. I've been burnt with a rubbish insufficient power supply and have been looking at the following two PSUs:

Corsair CMPSU-500CX ({power+supply}%2bc{420}%2b)
OCZ StealthXstream II 500W ({power+supply}%2bc{420}%2b)

Both seem to provide what I would think is sufficent power - both have dual 12V rails, the Corsair has 34A on 12V and the OCZ has 36A.

Would either or both of these be sufficient?
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  1. No video card ?
    500 watts is insane overkill.
    A lower wattage, higher quality psu ( not that I'd have a problem using either of your choices ) would be a better choice
  2. I'm bearing in mind here that I've already tried two PSUs in this build; one rated at 450w (17A on 12V) which wouldn't even allow the system to POST and another rated at 500w with I think 24A on 12V that crashed after around 2 minutes of uptime in Windows XP. So I'm erring on the safe side.
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