AMD FUSION and motherboards

I wanted to know if the following combination would work for a gaming desktop

INTEL MOTHERBOARD (pls specify a model#)
2GIG ram

also, pls tell me how to check the compatibility between the components
(like for installing ram, ddr number is checked)
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  1. As far as I know, Intel does not make a motherboard that supports AMD processors. It doesn't make sense for them because AMD is in direct competition with them for Processor sales. If you want an intel motherboard you're going to need to use an intel processor.

    My suggestion would be to start with an i5 2500K processor and a good mobo. You're also going to need to consider the case, power supply(PSU), Hard disk(HDD), Solid state drive(SSD), and graphics system(GPU).

    You mentioned that you wanted a gaming system. What kinds of games do you want to play? What about your budget? Are you self building? What is your level of expertise? Where are you getting your parts? What currency? Do you have additional uses such as video editing, etc?
  2. Games like Battlefield3 and whatever might come up l8r
    Yes, i'm self building
    This will be my first time building a pc
    apart from gaming it'll be used for photoshopping (which has 3d rendering tools)
    The currency is INR and budget is 50k(for the cpu only)
    as for expertise, i may ask someone for a helping hand, internet resources, or this community.

    500GB hard-drive
    tell me about the other components you mentioned. PSU, SSD, GPU
  3. And mobo
  4. Hmm, Perhaps I should've sugested this first. My apologies. Please fill out this form:

    Also, look over this guide:

    Ok, The minimum components that you need will be:

    CPU - Central Processing Unit - the brains of the computer.

    Motherboard - the main printed circuit board that connects everything together.

    RAM - Random Access Memory - fast temporary storage. Used to store programs and data sets that are needed quickly and frequently. DDR3 is the current standard that is used in most new systems.

    PSU - Power Supply Unit - converts the AC wall power to DC power for your components.

    GPU - Graphics processing unit - required for displaying video on the display. Many motherboards include a built-in GPU with display outputs but built-in graphics is not suitable for serious gaming. Usually an add-in graphics card is required.

    HDD - Hard Disk drive - Slow permanent storage. Used to store programs and data sets that may or may not be needed often. Retains information even when power is off. Relatively inexpensive.

    Case - the box that the computer is assembled into.

    CD/DVD, or Blu-ray(BD) drive - necessary for installing the operating system.

    Depending on what you already have you may also need: Keyboard, mouse, display, printer, extra hard drives(internal or external), Operating system install disk(usually a CD or DVD), .

    SSD - Solid State Disk - Flash based storage device that acts as a hard drive but is much faster. Improves boot time and the responsivenes of the applications stored on it. Usually used to install the operating sytem onto as the boot drive and for frequently used games and programs. Expensive, currently about $2 per gigabyte.
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