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I need some suggestions on a backup plan. Right now I have about 10 external hard drives that I backup all my media to. I want to get rid of all that clutter and preferbly have 6-8 2TB HDD in a single case, the externals are too slow at backing stuff up, and I want these new 2TB drives hooked up through SATA II. Is there a simple solution, say a case with a power supply that has a bunch of bays to install them in? I won't need any RAID configs or any other functionality in the system other than a straight backup that I can hookup through my network to play on my other computers. I guess what I'm looking for is the same functionality as an external, but in one unit with SATA II speed. I'm not sure what type of hardware is necessary for what I want. I was hoping someone had an idea of something I could do without having to build a whole new system just for these drives. I do have an old HP Pentium 4 3.2ghz that I could use if necessary, but it only has 2 SATA II ports on the motherboard.

Apprieciate any suggestions.
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  1. I'd recommend going with a motherboard of your choice, case of your picking, and taking a look at Windows Home Server.

    Otherwise, the term your looking for is NAS. They come in all sizes, speeds, and functionality. What is your budget?
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