I am trying to install new video card,The old one I believe is built into the motherboard. When I turn it on the monitor is blank. Do I have to replace the motherbaord to add new video card?
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  1. List your whole computer specs, *including your exact PSU and exact motherboard* and we can help you.
  2. No. Please read your motherboard manual's BIOS settings chapter and become familiar with your BIOS settings. With the power cord disconnected, physically install the new video card.

    Reconnect the power cord. Power-on, enter the BIOS, find the on-board graphics device and disable it (or change the setting to use a PCIe video card). Then save and exit the BIOS. You computer will restart, and if you got it right, you video source will be the card you installed.
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  4. Mousemonkey is right, unistall the video cards drivers. Go to safe mode and delete it like your deleting anything else.
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