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I have a Gateway 816GM desktop, and my video card died on me. It's a NVIDIA NV34 Monza 128MB Video. I need to replace it but I know nothing about graphics cards so I have no clue about what kind I could use to replace it. The pc is pretty much just used for storage so I dont need anything special, just something that will make it usable again.

Any advice on a what kind of replacement card I can buy???
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  1. That depends on what you plan to use the PC for, I'm surprised the PC doesn't have integrated graphics. Take out the card and try to start the computer again if it works tell me if its enough or not.
  2. Your suggestion to remove the "card" and try to start the computer again, is one that I will try. One problem, and where do I begin? I do not know my way around the inside of my computer. Would you be able to supply a graphic illustration or map so I remove the correct item?
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