Is my backlight going out?

my daughter dropped her laptop and now you can only see the screen with a flashlight. what is wrong
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  1. The problem appears to be the fact that your daughter dropped the laptop.

    How does one do that?

    *In a more serious note*

    Your prob right the backlight prob died...

    Looks like you are going to have to get a new laptop :(

    But the good news is you can atleast salvage your old data
  2. I was told that the backlight can be changed. Does anyone know anything about that?
  3. I know nothing about laptops sorry :( good luck.
  4. The backlight for some high end monitors like most Dells can be changed.

    However the backlight of laptops can not be changed. However you can change the entire screen for many laptops. Don't know what kind of laptop you are using but you are looking at roughly $150.
  5. hi, i had the same problem with a dell latitude d610. Problem was a part called an 'inverter' it had something to do with starting the backlight and mine had the very same symptoms as your's. I purchased the part from ebay for about 15euro's and replaced it myself no problems, this involved taking half the laptop apart though my laptop had no warranty so i didnt mind. Also ive heard of the switch that turns off the monitor backlight when you close the lid can sometimes get stuck. If its still under warranty then probly best to get it repaired by the vendor though. Hope this helps.
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