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Hey guys, im fairly new to building computers and i just built a new one using the i7-950 with the Corsair h50 Aftermarket cooler. In BIOS when i first boot my comp it says my CPU is at 38C. When i open Realtemp/Coretemp as of right now my readings are at 38C 37C 39C 33C. When i open up Speedfan it has the same readings for the cores but the temp next to CPU says 30C. When Looking at my CPU temps do i go by core temps or the temp next to CPU. Also are these temps safe at idle. I dont really push my CPU to much and i ran prime 95 for about 30 mins and the hottest core temp was around 65C and temp next to CPU (on speedfan) was at 50C. Are these temps safe?

ASUS Sabertooth x58
6gb DDR3 XMS3 1600
500gb WD HDD
HAF 932
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  1. 65c is ok under full load. Those i7's run warmer than most cpus. I believe Intel's spec is around 70c (max).
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