Core i5 460M vs core i7 2720Q

So i've been a bit lazier recently with my tech news so i'm not completely on top of the latest tech. the point, i already made a post in the laptop section, but really few people hang around there to be helpful but i'm pretty well set on getting a dell xps 15 the only thing I'm debating is upgrading to a new sandy bridge. So is $250 worth the upgrade to a sandy bridge quad core?

Normally I would say it's not worth it, but i'm an engineerings student, so some I figure that extra cpu power could really come in handdy for stuff like matlab, and the modeling, i'm bound to do later on
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  1. it would be $800, vs $1050, really don't want to spend more then the 1050, really more then i want to pay, but i'm a sucker for new tech
  2. MATLAB and modeling will use the extra threads and will benefit from the larger L3 cache of the i7-2720QM.
  3. could you make some suggestions i personally find asus page somewhat difficult to navigate, and i'm also not a firm believer in the more ram = faster pc. I have 6gb on my desktop and have never come close to filling it, so i'd personally be fine with just 4gb
  4. If you are going to need this extra speed i7 then spend the extra 300. You wont want to end up buying the xps 15 and within a few months need more then its offering. Just throw down the extra money and maybe a little more into faster ram. Or go with a cheaper brand, and upgrade it to its maximum.
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