New gamer build, 470 sli

Okay, so after looking around and with the price drop of 470s, I think they offer the best bang for the buck. Faster than a single 580 and cheaper.

I am thinking of buying the following PREBUILD system, and would like if anything sticks out as being really bad?

I have the option of buying the following PREBUILD system, and would like to ask if anything sticks out as really bad?

- INTEL i7 950, 4.8GT, SOCKET 1366
- 1000GB HDD WD, 7200RPM (64MB CACHE)
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  1. 700w is not enough and prebuilt systems and building you're own system is cheaper and more satisfying.
  2. Not if u dont know how to build. I have only changed graphiccards and replaced ram. Havent tried anything else.
  3. If you have changed the gpu and ram, you have already got your feet wet, why not jump in? I promise you building a computer is not difficult by any means. Just think of it as playing with legos. I mean honestly the hardest thing about building a computer is connecting the power button to the motherboard.
  4. It's easier than playing with legos. It's like building with legos with very clear instructions where everything only fits one way and thats the right way.
  5. ^ Thank you for a better comparison, it was all I could think of =]
  6. Okay ill think about it )

    How about the setup? i can get a cooler master 1000w psu 80+ psu instead.
  7. mmm cooler master ussually makes crap psu's, cougar isn't to great either. The best would be corsair 850hx or xfx 850.
  8. Ya I know, was looking for corsair or seasonic, t but they dont have either, I guess I could buy it from some other company instead.

    Btw would this system be better than the one I already posted? It is another premade I can get, roughly same price but from another company.

    Phenom II 1090t Incl (Arctic Alpine64 GT low-noise)
    Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 AM3 motherboard (SATA3 & USB3.0)
    GeForce GTX580 1536MB
    Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3-1600 DualChannel RAM
    Western Digital 1TB SATA3 6Gb/s Fluid Silent (7200rpm)
    Seasonic 750W SuperSilent 80+ Silver
  9. exept for having more ram and a better psu its a lot worse in performance. IMO building yourself really is by far the best option. You can also buy all the components and let the website put them together(I don't know where you live so I don't know which options you have but many websites do it for around 50usd)
  10. Well that would be pretty nice, I live in Denmark, not sure if I have that option.

    Anyway, ill go with first build or see if I can do some homebuild then.....
  11. Anyway I really dont think Im up for building myself atm.

    Also the first system I linked is a REALLY sweet deal, even if I built it myself,I would not be able to get it cheaper, atleast not in Denmark.

    Are you sure the 700 W Cougar 80+ Bronze, is not enough to power this system?
  12. yeah in Denmark you'll have trouble finding a website to do it or you. I assure you building yourself is very easy and takes an hour or two at most.

    If you really don't want to though I suppose the first one build will do. 470 sli uses 700w on the dot under full load. Go with an OC or factor in psu degrading and you're in trouble. You could come by with it but I would get a higher wattage if possible, even if it means getting the 1kw cooler master. If this costs like 100euros extra though just get an xfx 850 and replace the cougar. Donate it to a friend or something lol.
  13. I would choose an hd 6870 crossfire build over gtx 470 SLI, the hd 6xxx cards scale very well in crossfire, they are not power hungry and they dont run as hot, however I agree with Somebody 007 if you build your own system it will work out cheaper. You will usually find on prebuilt systems they skimp out on the PSUs and the motherboards and add lots of RAM as a person who doesnt know much about computers might choose the one with more RAM
  14. also if you are not comfortable building your own PC you can always order the parts we suggest and when you get them take them to your local computer store and ask them to build it for you, I live in South Africa and they only charge R50 for that which is about $7
  15. That is true, I tried getting the same parts as in the top system from the most used hardware store in denmark, And it ended up costing 100 $ more.

    I guess a 6870 crossfire would be nice, i cant find any premade systems with it so would have to be self build.

    The top system costs 1750 USD.

    So considering that system costs 1750 in Denmark, you are welcome to suggest a better one :)
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