Which system looks best?

Got some answers on my amd and intel builds so i thought id put them to the test and ask which looks to be the best overall before i start building.

Intel Build

Grand Total: $669

AMD Build

+ the Phenom™ II X2 560 Black Edition & Biostar A785G3 AM3 mATX combo from microcenter (http://www.microcenter.com/specials/promotions/AMDbundlePROMO.html ty batuchka :) )

Grand Total: $495

for comparison both systems will be using an XFX HD-577X-ZMF3 Radeon HD 5770
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  1. huge gamble here though. on microcenter the Athlon™ II
    X4 640 is only 4$ cheaper in a combo. so i can either:
    a. get a straight quad with no L3
    b. a POSSIBLE quad WITH L3
  2. With a choice between the two systems I would go with the Intel system.

    Suggestions: Asus mainboard.........Westerndigital hard drive.
  3. I'd vote for the Intel build as well, the i5 has great performance for your dollar, and its a guaranteed quad. L3 cache is overrated. The i5 is also 170 I think.
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