5830 or 5850 or 5770

I used to think that the 5770 was faster than the 5830, but when i looked it up the 5830 was ahead. Ive read several old threads that say the 5850 or the 5770 WAS a better deal. But on newegg the 5830 is 35$ish more than the 5770 and 70$ish less than the 5850.

So is the 5830 better in price/performance than the 5770/5850? I also heard that the 5830 could be overclocked to match the 5850's clock speed, is this true?

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  1. The HD5830 is not such a good value now since Nvidia released the GTX460. Even before the GTX460 was released the HD5830 was not as good a deal as the HD5770 or HD5850 as you read correctly in those old threads. It just was not a good value. Get a HD5850 or a GTX460 1 GB for close to the same as the 5850 but for cheaper.
  2. Well don't purchase a card yet, the hd 6850 and 6870 are going to come out next week. Prices of current cards might drop.
  3. I can't afford the 5850, the 5830 was stretching my wallet :P. I wanted to compete with a friend who has a 5850. I was going to OC the 5830 and get the stock speed of the 5850. It would be slower since his is OC'ed from the 5850 but id get somewhat close lol. Will the GTX 460 be a good overclocker? I know nothing about the new gen GPU's.
  4. yesitsmario said:
    Well don't purchase a card yet, the hd 6850 and 6870 are going to come out next week. Prices of current cards might drop.

    ^ +1

    I forgot that. I have not heard of price cuts yet though.
  5. They better go down. But i would never be able to afford the 6850... But if the 5850 or the 5870 goes down enough i can jump on one of those. I could wait till prices drop, then hit one or two of these guys on Black Friday. Then i could go for an overclock :).
  6. The GTX460 is an amazing overclocker though. Stock is 675-1350-1800. Mine runs at 820-1640-2000 with no voltage increase and still could go much further if I was not happy with it where it is.
  7. What resolution you playing at?
  8. Oh gosh dang it, I only have a 500 watter.... GRRR, ill have to buy a new one of those too!
  9. 500w would be fine for a HD5850 or GTX460 as long as it is not junk,
  10. My current setup:

    Dell e510
    Intel Pentium D 945 3.4Ghz
    3GB RAM
    1TB HDD
    500 Watt PSU

    My monitor can run at 1920x1080, its a 24". My rig is sadly underpowered. Was going to dump the whole rig, keep the PSU, OS (Retail), and Monitor. Then i would build myself one...
  11. Oh yeah the overclocked GTX460= stock HD5850/5870 in most benchmarks.
  12. SWEET!!!! Ill look at the prices as they drop... :)
  13. what is your total budget?
  14. mmmm What would CPU would i pair the GTX 460 with?
  15. Well not very high at the moment. I was going to go for a piece at a time :P. And ask the rest for christmas :P. :lol:
  16. Would my old 360 Watter (Stock) be able to run the PD 945 and the 9600GT?
  17. Intel i5 750 or AMD Phenom II X4 Processor 955 / 965. The intel might cost $25-$50 more and would be faster.
  18. gidgiddonihah said:
    Would my old 360 Watter (Stock) be able to run the PD 945 and the 9600GT?

  19. I dont want to scrap the old 9600 :P. And i just bought the 945...
  20. Ok so my plan is to wait until prices start to drop. Once they do start to fall ill keep an eye out for a really good deal. If none are present until Black Friday, then i grab one early Black Friday... :) I just bought a bunch of toys... So my wallet is feeling a little lighter... My problem is im worried about the rest of the computer... :)

    Now the question is: Do i return my Netbook.... lol 308$ will go a long ways in a computer :P.
  21. My order of Choice:

    GTX 460
    5870 If cheap
  22. Just make sure if you get a GTX460 it is a 1GB version. With a 24" monitor thats about the least card you will want for any serious games. But it will work and work well. I have a 23" an my GTX460 is plenty.
  23. Would the nVidia cards drop in price? To compete with the new ATI cards?
  24. They have dropped a bit I believe. You can get a GTX470 for $275.

    One of the best GTX460s for $209 after rebates..........they were just in the $240 range.

  25. Im hoping they will drop again :lol:. I saw on newegg, there were two or three open boxes for 170, but i would want the reall ones to drop around or below that :).
  26. I looked at the prices between the 5830 and the GTX 460. The 5830 is cheaper already and i have a suspicion that it will continue to drop... 200 (GTX 460) vs 154 (5830). If the price gap continues to grow i will have to go with a 5830...

    Edit: Plus i can upgrade to a Crossfire with a 5850/5870 later and OC the 5830 to the level of a 5850. So getting a 5830 may make it more future proof...
  27. Could i get by with a Phenom II x2?
  28. I bought a 5830 for about 190$ back in june, and it powers through my 1920 x 1080 inch monitor. The GTX 460 is a great card, but youl'l need 1GB of memory if you plan to overclock anything, the 1GB version being more expensive than 5830.

    The 5850 is the best card in that price range, and is a great overclocker. I'd go with that if you can get a good price (about 240-250$), but i agree with the rest of these folks, wait until the 19th when the 6000 series debuts.
  29. Random fact, the "6850" and "6870 are actually "5770" replacements. The "6800"s you were expecting were renamed to "6900s"]

    As a result, prices will probably being the $200-250 range.
  30. So i was looking and the GTX 460 prices are starting to dip below the 5850... 10-30$ish with rebates. So i was wondering at what point the GTX 460 is a better option. (And at stock speeds how much slower is it from the 5850? Ive looked at benchmarks but they are all over the place with the 5850 always winning but sometimes the margin will be 20-40 FPS and sometimes its only 10-15ish FPS...

    EDIT: These are indeed the 1GB versions (Some of the OC'ed ones are cheaper too!) The cheapest 460 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814500169) is 170 w/ rebates and the cheapest 5850 (Link is having problems-is the MSI R5850 Twin Frozr II) is 194 w/ rebates.

    EDIT (2): I just saw the Zotac is a slower Core Clock. Most of the cheaper ones are around 180ish with 700+ clocks.
  31. 1.) How would the Zotac AMP! GTX 460 1GB do compared to the MSI R5850 Twin Frozr II? (The AMP! supports Open GL 4.0 whilst the 5850 uses the 3.2... Will this make a difference in gaming?)

    2.) And when cards are factory OC'ed, does that mean less headroom for 'home' OC?

    3.) Effective Memory Clock... Some have 4.0GBps when its at 1000Mhz and some say 4000Mhz... Just a little confused on that... Edit-Haha ok Nvm dumb question :lol:
  32. if you havnt bought a card yet, start looking at the new amd HD 6850. It is a little faster than a stock gtx460 in most cases and uses much less power.
  33. I am looking for something with the 5850's power but with a smaller pricetag :lol:. I could OC, but i want to OC a 5850 :lol:.
  34. Its actually only $180.
  35. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-6870-radeon-hd-6850-barts,2776-16.html

    Im looking at this article and the 6850 only loses by 4 FPS (The most it lost to the 5850 was 9-10 FPS)... Will this improve later on when the drivers are updated?
  36. On all the tests the 5850 won (Or tied once). But the margin with within 10FPS in almost every test...
  37. So the 6850 or the 5850 or the AMP! GTX 460 (Will the factory OC reduce 'home' OC headroom)?
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