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Ok Everyone,

I am in need of some advice here.
I have built several PC's for Gamers and Coders alike but this request threw me a little.
This will be my first server build for a specific application. These are the requirements...

Server needs to:

~be able to allow remote programmers full accessibility to server via internet with highest security possible.

~needs to run a custom application that verifies incoming information against a database, and wants all self contained in one desk-top tower.

I know this is mostly on the software/programming/configuration side of things, but I was just wondering if there are any requirements I should consider before ordering parts for the build.
I have never build a server before and I am not as knowledgeable about these things. I do know that there is practically an infinite variety of configurations for whatever you are going to be doing and I could just build a very flexible system and let the administrators configure it the way they wish, but I just want to make sure THAT is what I give him.

Any suggestions as to how to approach this from the hardware side of things?
I have a partial parts list and could used some feedback on whether these parts are any good.
Please, if anyone has a build list for an "all around" flexible server that I could use that would be awesome.

Parts list
1) Power source: OCZ Tech ‘GameXtreme’ 850W / SLI-Ready / Active PFC
2) MoBo (dual CPU): Asus KCMA-D8 AMD SR5100 G32 Socket Pike SAS2 6G
3) Chip set: Dual AMD Opteron 6176 2.3 GHz Magny-Cours Socket G34 Twelve-Core processor with 16GB RDIMM DDR3 1333MHz
4) CPU Cooler:
5) RAID controller: I-Star BPU-350 SATA Internal RAID enclosure? Not sure if I should go with a card, an enclosure, or MoBo based RAID control.
6) HDD’s x5: Seagate Barracuda LP 2 TB internal HDD 5900 RPM for database, and I need something really fast for applications and OS.
7) Video Card: whatever, does nt need anything fast, just for on-site monitoring.
8) NIC card: ???
9) Optical drive: Hitachi DVD-RW just for good measure.

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  1. Heres the thing with building servers. If this thing breaks could you fix it the same day? Or will you have to wait a few day to get the part in? IF thats the cause then I advise against building it. That kind of downtime will completly shutdown the buissnes until the part arrives costing them TONS of money and headach. It's a bad place to be. I would then suggest getting a Dell server from delloutlet. NOT THE MAIN SITE the outlet site. They have servers that are 50% cheaper than new and are still new computers with full warranty as if you bought it new.

    Thats just some food for thought

    Video card. nvidia 8400 whould work fine and cheap
    Nic: Most server boards will have dual lan and very powerfull nics as it is. i don't think you need to ad one in.

    HDD: If he is doing raid with super sensitive stuff such as his database ABSOLUTLY HARDWARE RAID. Thats an Ad in card with its own processor and ram. They usually start at 400$ any cheaper and its an addin card running software raid.

    CPU: I don't think you need that much power. Unless hes dealing with Thin clients, Virtualization, Multiple virtual hosts, Virtual machines and lots and lots of transcoding like processes a single 3.0ghz quad will be plenty. for years

    Power: Put this thing on the biggest batter backup you can find. This is the last computer you wont going down due to a power blip or complet outage. I like APC brand. Also look into redundant powersupplys. Theres not many for the consumer but they exist. These have 2 power supply stuck in one ATX box and they are hot swappable

    Thats the best I got for advice and things to consider when building servers.
  2. That is some good advise....
    the thing is this, He is going into the investment capitol side of things
    now and I need to have a decent set up right off the bat for him.

    I really do thank you for the input>>
    hard to get anything in the way of good advice on a custom build like this.

    Thanks again.
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