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Hey guys,

I have this case. I have a side fan currently blowing out, my back fan died and I never used my two front ones. I recently bought a replacement for the rear fan and two fans for the front.

I was wondering, what is the BEST way to set this up for optimum air flow? The side fan is pretty much directly in line with my video card( though a bit higher). Is it three in and the back exhaust? I cant see any other way, although I heard that 2 in and 2 out is the best.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would experiment with the side fan for best temps.
    Usually the side fan is an intake.
    Try both ways and see what yields the best results.
  2. ok thanks.

    I'm not really used to monitoring temps or anything so I'm not QUITE sure how to do this...but what are your suggestions for the back and front then? What I was saying?
  3. Basic rule of thumb:
    Front and side - intake
    Back and top - exhaust.
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