MSI P67A-SD60 Boot Failure

Building a new system:
MSI P67A-GD65 B3
Corsair vengeance 8GB 1600mhz
Coolmax 700w

Before putting mb in case installed video card, memory, + CPU. Connected P/S + monitor and shorted power pins to post - no problem. Heard one long beep and two short beeps. Don't know yet what bios I have so did not cross ref the beeps. Since I posted I just moved on.

Installed mb in case. Attached HD, CDROM. Decided to test system at this point to ensure all was well. Short the power pins, system starts for 3 seconds and then powers down, and after another 3 seconds automatically boots, and 3 seconds later powers down. This process loops continuously until I switch the PS off. While this boot/power down process is looping, there is a blue light on the MB flashing continuously like 1X per second. The MB manual defines flashing blue light as "primary bios failure".

At the moment the only wires connected to the MB are power. The only h/w connected is CPU, GPU, P/S, and external monitor. In other words, I have the same setup as when I had a successful post, but now I cannot post. When I had the successful post I do not recall if the blue MB blue light was flashing or not.

Has anyone had experience solving the blue light bios failure problem, or any recommendations on best way to solve?

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  1. Problem solved

    Swapped mem modules from dimms 1/3 to 2/4 and got to post. Funny this works even though the MSI manual says to use 1/3. Proceeded to put everything together (drives, extra nic, routed cables, etc). Video did not work.
    Turns out the extra x1 nic card was the problem. Pulled out the nic card and video worked fine. Thought the problem might be the x1 slot, but it was not. I put a different x1 card in the same slot and the vid was good.

    I thought the bios failure was the reason I could not post/boot. Not the case. Will have to update bios next though.
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