LED Case Fan Placement Question?.

The parts for my first self build will be arriving tomorrow and I have just been revising the assembly process in my head for any eventual problems and realised that I knew very little about fan placement. I have bought the Xigmatic case seen in the link below which comes with a 120mm fan already positioned in the front of the box. Reading the reviews on this box it was mentioned that one of the reviewers had added two blue LED fans to his box. Thinking that was a good idea I also bought two blue LED fans with my order from Ebuyer. I had intended to buy 2 x 120mm but they were sold out so I settled for two 80mm ones instead. What would be the best way to set up these fans?.

I thought about moving the 120mm supplied case fan to the side panel blowing air from the outside onto the motherboard and processor and placing the two 80mm colored LED fans front and back extracting the air from inside the case. Would this be acceptable or is there a better solution?. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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  1. the best place for the big fan is actually the the back, exhausting hot air out of the case.
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