GTX 460 EE vs HD 5770 vs GTX 465

I've been searching for the best card within 100 - 200 (ish) after rebates.

I will be gaming and eventually SLI/Crossfirex.

Games like MW2, Black Ops, GTA iV, Crysis included. I want to play all of these games with out lag maxed settings.

Heres the catch:

I also will be producing HD video's and professional video production.

What is the best card for these tasks?

I have three suggestions listed below, but any other card suggestions are wanted, thanks :)

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  1. IMO the HD 5770 and GTX 465 shouldn't even be in the running - consider the HD 6850
    Inpai just did a HD 6850CF vs GTX 580/HD 5970
    Before reading the article, many readers may still think that efficient and compatibility of CrossFire is not well.In fact, I can tell you that after several years development,CrossFire technology is gradually improving, the user need not worry about these history problems. this test can verify this fact .

    In this test, I deliberately put performance of HD6850 CF with performance of single card in order to facilitate comparison.You can see that after set up HD6850 CrossFire,the improvement of performance is very huge,It most games performance are better than GTX580and part at least on par with that of HD5970 and even has a slight advantageThis proves the efficiency of current CrossFire is very good,It absolute can bring better gaming experience to players.

    Just has good performance but the power consumption is high will not make you be satisfied.But after this test,I can say that you need not worry about this problem any more.either standby or running high-load game, HD6850 CrossFire perform better than other flagship products.
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    If you are using Premiere Pro then go with GTX 460 otherwise a 6850.
  3. Alright well I plan on using Premiere Pro, and after effects + my gaming, so

    Between a GTX 460 and 6850 which one?
  4. If you are intending to leverage on the Mercury Playback Engine the GTX 460
    A case for GPU computing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and the Mercury Playback Engine
  5. Ya go with a GTX 460 !!
  6. And a GTX 460 can run Crysis on Maxed Settings AA 16, with no lag? Like higher than 30 fps on average?
  7. Ya but depends on wat resolution will u be running.

    Check benchmarks
  8. Gonna be running 1920 x 1080
  9. ^^ yeah it will give u around 30fps, u can overclock it more if desired.
  10. Alright Awesome, i think i just finished my system :) thanks
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