Windowos 7 Stopping Graphic Card

First I apologies for my bad ENG-Lang !!!
I installed windows 7 on a PC months ago !
about 4-5 earlier after running a game Screen Crashed and windows stopped graphic Card !
Resolution changed to 640×480 and it's not 32bit anymore !!!
I reinstalled Graphic Card's Driver but Nothing Happened !!!

I start to reinstalling windows and It worked ! but After Installing screen crashed again and everything went the same way !
windows said " it stopped graphic card according Error code 43 "

I reassembled the graphic card and it worked Again ! but when I ran the Windows system ratig , system hanged ! and made me to Reset the PC !!!
I dunno what to do !!!!????

what should I do !?
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  1. I'd recommend downloading the latest drivers from Nvidia or AMD, depending on what card you have. You may have tried installing drivers that came with the card (usually are out of date and often don't work) or they are just using some default drivers that came with win 7.
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