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I've recently hooked up my television to my PC through a HDMI to DVI adapter and am experiencing some really bad quality. I'm not sure if it's my tv monitor or my graphics card but when I hook it up the old school way I get a very crisp picture (VGA). Here's my specs...

Windows 7 ulitmate
Intel Q9300
Radeon HD 4850 (512mb)
4 gig ddr3 ram

TV is a Samsung LW T32 32H 32" 720P
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  1. It could be one of three things.

    1. The video card's HDMI port is bad - Test in someone else's PC and connect to a display w/ HDMI.
    2. The HDTV's DVI port is bad - Test in someone else's PC and connect to a display w/ DVI
    3. The HDMI to DVI adapter is bad - Test adapter on someon else's PC.
  2. this may help you because the colors in my screen and weren't correct with with my screen but first try jaguarskx solutions at first if they not fix try this but ****be sure that your television has HDMI ***
    1.open ATI catalyst --- Desktops & Displays ---- right click on the tingle below then click configure
    2.be sure that
    a. enable GPU scaling is disabled
    b. enable ITC processing is disabled
    c. in Pixlel Format click on RGB 4.4.4 pixel format PC standard (full RGB)
    and apply all
    i don't sure about you but try this it might help you
    my screen is LG W2453V these fix colors and resolution
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