Why thIS is HappeNINg ???????

I upgraded my pc cpu from Intel pentium dual core, 1 GB DDR2 to Intel core i3 2.93 GhZ processor with its own graphics ie, Intel graphics media accelerator & 2 GB DDR3 ram

My problem is regarding gaming. Earlier with the dual core configuration I could play Fifa 2008 smoothly. But now after upgrading the system to core i3 the game gets stagnant at times and then continues without any problem............Dont know how to settle this problem.

I have to clear this problem as I am planning to fit XFX GTS 250 graphics card to the system, but if the game gets stuck again then I would be in loss... Plz help
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  1. Well, i3 has it's own graphic proc, but it's very weak, no surprised that you can't play FIFA 2008 with decent fps, of course add dedicated card like GTS250 will boost your performance...
    make sure you have enough power on PSU to run GTS250.
  2. Did you also upgrade your OS when you upgraded to Core i3? if so,then what OS do you currently have?
    Because Fifa 2008 isn't at all demanding.
  3. As Wa1 said, you are currently relying on the GPU integrated into the CPU die. its incredibly weak, and designed only for video playback and similar tasks. not gaming.

    you need to get a dedicated card if you want to play 3d games.
  4. It's weak but the OP mentioned with his older rig,Fifa 2008 was playable and this game isn't demanding at all, so it should run well with an IGP card.
  5. I upgraded OS to windows 7
  6. So, what exactly your graphic card before? Onboard graphic or what?
    make sure you update the driver...
  7. bibu said:
    I upgraded OS to windows 7

    Then maybe the game has some problems with windows 7(Because its rather an old game)
    Right click on the game>Properties>Compatibility>select "Windows XP SP2" under "Run this program in compatibility mode" and check your performance again.
    Also as wa1 mentioned,make sure you have the latest VGA drivers installed.
  8. Keep in mind, we're talking Windows 7 with 2GB of RAM total. Is this the 32bit or 64bit version of Windows 7? That could have some factor in overall performance as well. :) Win 7 & background apps would probably love what, 1.3GB of RAM by itself potentially? Leaving 0.7GB total for the IGPU to use. Doesn't leave a whole lot left.

    Adding a GTS 250 would make a world of a difference for playing games. As others already stated, the integrated graphics built into the i3 CPU is worthless for gaming purposes. It's great for just using a PC for internet, email, Office applications. But it's definitely not intended for any 3D applications.
  9. What video card were you using before? I would simply reuse it unless it was an AGP port video card.
  10. In addition to now using onboard graphics, I'm still wondering how the OP did the OS upgrade.

    Did you use a Win 7 disk and install a fresh copy of that OS on your new build?

    If you "upgraded" to Win7 any other way, I'd also be concerned about the OS install.
  11. Thanks to all
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