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Hello,my new build keeps rebooting every 5 seconds..never got a chance to get in the bios...tried the system with only the cpu and HSF on,got one long beep and two short ones.the system stayed on....then install one stick of ram ang got one long beep and three short ones and the system keeps rebooting and shutting down...Do you think i have bad memory sticks???
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    Sounds like you have already read this posting. If you haven't, give it a read. Towards the bottom, it talks about diagnosing a problem component.

    What happened when you installed the other stick of ram by itself?
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  3. So did you figure out your problem?
  4. sorry i was'nt checking on the answers....My bad..i finaly found out the mobo asus p7p55lx was not compatible with intel i3...So replaced it with a biostar compatible mobo...And voila!!!!!It worked...Thank you for responding to my request...
  5. Glad you figured it out. Seems odd that it wouldn't support it. I did notice that doesn't list i3 in their support list but the asus website does. interesting.
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