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Long time lurker but new poster here.

So I recently upgraded my computer to an Intel i3-540 and Gigabyte motherboard with new DDR3 RAM (old biuld was DDR2 and C2D) and a Seasonic X650. Everything was running smoothly, I was doing my overclocking of just the CPU and not memory, and then decided to just turn everything back to optimized BIOS defaults because I was using the stock heatsink. Mind you, I had been watching CPU temperatures, and it never got to dangerous values.

Everything was still working for probably another half a day and, then as I came back to my computer, I found it frozen. I knew it had been working maybe an hour before I saw it frozen. I held down the power button thinking nothing of it, and when I tried to turn it back on, it didn't. It doesn't even get to the POST screen nor do I hear the beep. And when I look inside, the power supply fan, heatsink fan, and system fan (both attached to the mobo) all spin up for half a second and spin down as if it just lost power and it does this continuously every 3 or 4 seconds until I stop it. I can also hear my PSU clicking on every single time the fans spin up for a little and then stop working.

I am sure it is not PSU or video card because I am using both right now as I am typing on my old build. It is also not the HDD's since I am using those as well right now. I also don't think it is the new RAM because I had run memtest+ for about 3 hours before I started overclocking at all (although I am not sure because I can't test the new DDR3 since my old build is DDR2). What do you guys think? Is it my mobo or CPU that fried or even both? I can't really test the CPU in another motherboard since this is my only LGA1156 mobo. It sounds more like a mobo problem to me since things are spinning up properly. Thanks in advance guys. Just wanted to get your guys' input.

I'm thinking about just returning both the mobo and processor to newegg and have them replace both.
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  1. Oh and also, the case is not the issue either because I am using the case right now for the computer I am typing on.
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