Computer only boots when CMOS set to Clear

I just put this computer together yesterday, and I finally had to go to bed last night. The computer only boots when it the clear cmos jumper is set to clear. This is really strange. I have tried to isolate the problem:

I am running the motherboard on the box it came in. I have it plugged in to the power. I have the keyboard plugged in, and I have the monitor plugged in. That is ALL.

What I mean by 'it doesn't boot' is the cpu fan doesn't start, and it makes a wierd sound instead. Also, no lights are on, no beeps, which the manual says is a Abnormal: CPU / Chipset error.

Edit: now that I breadboarded it, all the debug lights are on, so it SHOULD be fine. but the cpu fan isn't spinning and it won't output graphics, so no go still...
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  1. P.S. In case you need my specs, here they are:

    PSU ANTEC|EA750 750W RT
    VGA MSI|R5450-MD1GH/D2 HD5450 RTL
    HD 500G|SEAGATE ST3500418AS
    CPU AMD|PH II X6 1075T 3.0G AM3 RT
  2. Bump because I want to use my computer
  3. The manual for the TA890GXB is jacked up. If you look at the pin label for the jumper on the board it doesn't match the picture of the jumper in the JCMOS1 description. It does match the picture in that section that shows the whole motherboard. At any rate, the order of the pins is reveresed so it looks like it is in CMOS clear when it is in normal run mode and vice versa.
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