What do i need to buy for more Ghz and RAM?

thing is, i have a 1GB gaming computer which is now 6-7 years old, but it was built so it can be upgraded very easily. i updated the graphics card to an ASUS EAH5570 1GB DDR3 a month back , i downloaded GTA 4 but my gameplay is still fairly choppy, the graphics card says it needs 2gb for best performance, what do i need?
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  1. Are you trying to play on the lowest quality, because the 5570 isn't very good..

    What resolution?
    What cpu?
  2. the sales manager said it was a a moderate performing graphics card :S how do i find out the CPU?
  3. you could just tell me your computer model or you could download CPU-Z and tell us from there : http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
  4. CPU-
    Name: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
    Code Name: Conroe
    Package Socket 775 LGA
    Technology 65nm Core Voltage: 1.144V
    Specification Intel(R)Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @1.58GHz
    Family:6 Model: F Stepping:6
    Ext Family:6 Ext Mode: F Revision:B2
    Instructions: MMX, SSE (1,2,3,3s),EM64T, VT-x
    Clocks (Core #0) Cache
    Core speed 1596.2MHz L1 Data: 2 x 32 Bytes 8-way
    Multiplier: x 6.0 L1 Inst: 2 x 32 bytes 8-way
    Bus speed: 266.0MHz Level 2: 2048 Bytes 8-way
    Rated FSB: 1064.2 MHz Level 3:
    Selection Processor #1 Cores: 2 Threads: 2
  5. ^+1
    Run that CPU-Z and tell us your FULL specs: CPU-RAM-Motherboard-GPU-Monitor-OS.

    Note: GTA 4 is a BAD coded game, even high end gaming PC will still struggle to handle that game. More higher your resolution then more difficult the system to run that game...
  6. So, what about your resolution?
    You MUST OC your CPU to at least 3.0GHz to get a decent playable fps on GTA 4...

    Note: With an aftermarket cpu cooler you can OC your CPU to 2.7GHz WITHOUT raising the Vcore...
  7. Core 2 Duo E6300 1.8 GHz (OC at 3.0 GHz) / Zigmatek HDT S1283 CPU Cooler / Gigabyte GA 965P-DS3 Motherboard / 2x1 GB DDR2 800 RAM / 2x160 GB Seagate HDDs / SilverStone ST50F 500W PSU / HIS IceQ 4 HD 4850 512 MB DDR3 / 17" LG Monitor
    is there referred to me? what is this about?


    what does OC mean? and what does CPU mean? what good is a CPU cooler? what is a Vcore?
    im so sorry but i really know nothing about computers but im trying to learn more so i know what i need for the future, please help me your help is highly appreciated
    how does a CPU cooler higher CPU to 2.7GHZ without raising Vcore? i dont know how.
    please take as long as you need i would love an answer which can be simplified :)
  8. "Core 2 Duo E6300 1.8 GHz (OC at 3.0 GHz) / Zigmatek HDT S1283 CPU Cooler / Gigabyte GA 965P-DS3 Motherboard / 2x1 GB DDR2 800 RAM / 2x160 GB Seagate HDDs / SilverStone ST50F 500W PSU / HIS IceQ 4 HD 4850 512 MB DDR3 / 17" LG Monitor"
    That's all my specs (PC).

    OC mean Over Clocking, basically it mean push your Central Processing Unit (CPU) by raising it's frequency, but every CPU has their own limit, my CPU is E6300 same like yours and i can OC it from 1.8GHz to 2.7GHz with only raising the frequency.

    But, you can get higher speed if you raise the Vcore (CPU voltage), you can see that my CPU is overclocked at 3.0GHz (this with raising the Vcore a little bit).

    Higher Vcore means higher heat than before, so with an aftermarket CPU cooler usually gives you more lower temps of cpu. Well, these all depend on your ambient (room) temps... :)
  9. i am in a big back lounge which is 7 metres by 6m and when the heating isnt on, its freezing.so i take i got a low temperature

    but i head OCing can be potentially hazardous, to what extent? and what can i do to overclock but still stay stable?
  10. also, do you recommend i upgrade my graphics carD?
  11. Ocing can be hazardous IF you don't understand what are you going to do.

    For further instruction about OCing, you can ask people in Overclocking section on this forums, there's also a guide to OCing, so take a look there for a moment.

    Believe me, E6300 can be OCed really high. :)
  12. That i5 is good, but you MUST buy a new motherboard and everything (perhaps).
    So my suggestion for you now is OCing your cpu, your CPU is still good enough to handle most of games IF you OCed it...
  13. thanks a million for your help, please tell me, how does overclocking work? do you leave your pc overclocking just like its a normall change in the pc? or only overclock when your playing a game or at certain times or?
  14. I just leave it OCed, my room temp is about 27'C and i use an aftermarket cooler to cooling down my cpu. My idle temp is 41'C and about 45'C full load.

    OC is greatly improve my performance, moving from 1.8GHz to 3.0GHz is huge jump. I have no problem to maxed out most of games with E6300 + HD4850 + 1280x1024 resolution.

    Even you can OC your cpu with stock cooler, maybe up to 2.4GHz, it depend on your room temp...
  15. what overall difference does the GHz do to my gaming experience? make my gameplay smoother?
  16. yeah, higher GHz mean faster cpu and that's make your performance increase (higher fps=smoother gameplay), especially if you play on low resolution like me (1280x1024).

    So, get inside BIOS and OC your CPU a little bit (MANUAL, do not let BIOS set it AUTO) and crank a little, let's say 2.1GHz for a start. (7x300MHz).

    After that safe setting and boot normally your PC, after that monitor your temps using this:

    That software will monitoring all your hardware temps.
    See what temps did you get after a little bit OCing.
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